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Rewards System


Rewards points are accumulated by purchasing items. Once you have accumulated the required amount of rewards points determined by the Café, the least expensive item in your cart will be discounted by up to the maximum amount that the Café has set. If the item does not exceed this discount amount the item will be shown as FREE and the remaining discount amount will be forfeited.

Some items may not award rewards points, and items that do/do not accumulate rewards points are determined by the Café.


When the required amount of rewards points have been accumulated, the discount determined by the Café will be applied automatically to your next order.


How can I get this app at my Café?

Please contact us for information on integration.

Does this app use any open source components?

Yes, you can view the list of Acknowledgements in the app or at https://jrapps.com.au/legal/otg/.

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